DJ Cyberpunk at Necto for Factory 18

Last Monday I was once again privileged to spin Factory at Necto for the 18th anniversary of the night.

Set list:

  • Dead Stars (Version) – Covenant
  • Lack of Sense (Razormaid Mix) – Tribantura
  • Dream Machine – Lazerhawk
  • Avernus Dorsa – Vector Hold
  • Disappoint (Negative Format Remix) – Assemblage 23
  • Citizens (Shinra Remix) – Randolph & Mortimer
  • Le Disko (Ferry Corsten Mix) – Shiny Toy Guns
  • Onslaught – Alex & Tokyo Rose
  • Take the World – She Wants Revenge
  • Circling Overland – Front 242
  • More – Odonis Odonis
  • Wild Animal (Aura Shred Remix) – Hante.
  • Demon Chaser (feat MONAE) – Pixel Grip
  • Glory – Cold Cave
  • Don’t Run From The Fire – Minuit Machine

A bit of explanation.

The last time I spun there as DJ Cyberpunk, it was November of 2021, old school Industrial night, My set then was an attempt to recreate, from memory (old memory), a vibe and a feeling that had moved on before at least half of the current patrons were born. But they knew the tracks, for the most part, and were able to discern the wheat from the chaff. None of the stuff we used as novelty or filler (yes, there was novelty and filler EBM back then) went over as well as the genuine classics. While there was plenty of resonance with the foundational sound of any EBM/Industrial night, it seemed like the tracks that went over best were the ones that withstood the test of time.

But since, I’ve noticed the Monday night Necto crowd doesn’t like to be pigeonholed, boxed, categorized, or formulaic, and that is where the magic is. This Monday was a combination of finding my way again (It’s been a long time since I spun that room on the regular) so that’s why this set is all over the place, stylistically.

  • New stuff
  • Classics
  • New stuff that sounds like classics (modern darkwave)
  • Classics that sound like new stuff (Old EBM can mix with new EBM no problem in many cases)
  • Club favorites from the vaults. Not quite classics, but recognizable by the long term and legacy patrons.

A blast for sure!

I got to spin with Audioflesh, DJ Remnant, and Misanthropia Narcissus up in the main room, which was a pleasure and an honor, and I’m looking forward to next time!

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